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Yes, We've Been Around

With over 30 + years of Apple Macintosh experience, SeeWord is your solution expert for your online needs.

SeeWord is a sole owned proprietorship that has been in existence since 1986, first as SeeWord Graphics, and then in 1990, SeeWord Graphics was reorganized into SeeWord Technology due to the high demand for peer tech support in the graphics field. SeeWord Technology was established in Santa Cruz, California, as an Apple Computer and Motorola Value Added Reseller.

We know Macs! Our first introduction to the Mac environment was the result of Apple's puppy dog sale tactics back in 1985. The Mac Plus was first introduced and we were invited to "take one home for two weeks." In no time, I knew I was not giving it back! It did not take long to realize that Apple had introduced cutting edge technology which would go on to shape the future of the personal computer revolution. We have been with part of that unique band of "die-hard fanatics" whom knew Apple had invented the next best thing since sliced bread! Over the years, we've learned how to deal with the myriad of problems that arise with compatibility issues, yet at the same time, we have interfaced with new technologies as they have been introduced and worked with clients to develop many unique and individualized solutions.

We are Building the Web

In the earlier years of html and the web, SeeWord established their own web presence and it was not long before we were selling product around the globe! From those early years to current day, we have been helping individuals, non-profits and businesses establish and maintain a presence on the world wide web.

Diverse in Production

Need a busines profile on the web? Looking to establish an online store? Just need to get information out to the public? Need a social media manager? We can help fulfill those needs.